20,000 SR
86000 Kms
Body Color
Inside Color
Advertise Date
Automatic Gear, 4 Cylinders,
Leather Seats, Any Window
Direct Owner
+966 056761573

Additional Information

thermal insulation and protection for car, four-cylinder 2.0-liter turbo rims 18 and new tires, the possibility of opening windows and Bag of the car without a key. (Tip Tronic) control (comfortable - athlete - and normal) system to stop automated parallel to the sidewalk (Auto Parking) system wait (Auto Hold) if interleaved on D lift your foot from the brake the car noticed that the car itself unless Petrol useful to wait at signals and crowds plus it holds the car if lifted your foot from the brake sensitive, tire pressure sensors front and back and side with the rear camera installed speed control, media on steering Bluetooth to any mobile and operate audio files from your Cable USB WiFi iPhone or iPod . Rear electric curtain control electric driver and passenger (12 position) front seats with characteristic heating for the front seats and storage of 3-way driver's seat, and doors of the car the four open text Panorama Bluetooth system through which an estimated Meshing your mobile phone on a car or plug in a Bluetooth device such as iPad and operate any sound clip or video and hear it through the car speakers, headlights of the type Bi-xenon + led Navigation System with characteristic touch and specifications are as follows: Maps Gulf three-dimensional and two-dimensional Internal Memory size 30 giga (10 including the Navigation and 20 giga busy to save and play audio files) as well as internal memory is estimated using Card slot type SD Card to play your audio (maximum size supported by 32 giga bytes)


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