Caprice LS
25,000 SR
208000 Kms
Body Color
Inside Color
Advertise Date
Any Gear, 0 Cylinders,
Any Seats, Any Window
Direct Owner
+966 548422635

Additional Information

- “Fahas” valid till July 2015 - Insurance Valid till March 2015 - Excellent road grip, stable even at 180+ Km/h - Excellent pick - Special “Power shift” button for more engine power(if required) - Cruise Control - Automatic window glasses - Automatic side mirrors adjustment - Automatic seats adjustment (driver + passenger) - Digital display in addition to normal meters - 5.7 Liter 8 Cylinder Engine - Mileage: 208000 Km - Color: Silver - Cooling AC - Side Glasses are tinted - Tires are in very good condition (almost new) - Lot of leg space for passengers and driver - Trunk is spacious - Spare tier is in good condition - Car Manual book and jack kit are available - Computer displays messages in case of low fuel, service required etc. - Good option for traveling to long distances - Maintenance cost is affordable (for example SAR 85+/- for oil change, 91 Petrol etc. ) - Spare parts are easily available in the market. I used mostly GM original parts - Strong metal body - No major accident - Minus: - Minor incidents that are part of traffic routine - While reversing I hit one car causing little damage to bumper on right side. Dent is fixed. - One guy while reversing his car touches left side –upper wheel area. I fixed the Small dent but mark is visible - TODO: - You may need to change headlights (not lamps), if you think they should otherwise you can use existing headlights.


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