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How to advertise your vehicle in Sauditopcars website?

Car market is now at your finger tips and you can easily advertise your vehicle for sale through the website, one of the most important and largest specialized site in the field of cars in the Persian Gulf.

Advertising through calling our team

You can call or contact our customer service and one of our representatives will come to your site, collect all the information, and take some photos of your car. In case if you are not reachable by our sales representatives, please visit our Self Advertising section to upload your car online. We will receive your ad and will perform a verification. Once your ad is verified, it will appear in the website.

Advertising Period

All the advertisements in our website last untill 90 days by default. After this period your car will be removed from our website. You can just call our customer care or send an email to us and request to remove your advertisement at any time prior to this period if the car got sold or you want to discontinue the ad

Can I edit my advertisement?

You can edit your car details after you complete you finish your advertisement by the following methods.

  • Just call to our customer care, give your advertisment reference number and the information to be changed.
  • Send an email to us from your given email ID with advertisment reference number and the information to be changed.

For more information regarding sponsorship or advertising procedure or further information please contact one of our sales representatives.

Advertise as showroom

Sauditopcars offers a unique service to each and every showrooms registered with us, where we offer special advertising offers that meet the needs of showrooms by displaying their ads through their own pages under our website.

Registered Showrooms will get unique access to our website and can advertise their cars directly in our website and make up to date their contact information. We do this by offering an automated user management system for every registered showroom in which they can manage their information about the car and fully control themselves by adding and modifying data of all cars advertised within the site. We register the showroom under the package chosen so that the showroom enjoys full rights of management and operations from their location itself. Changes by the showroom will reflect immediately in our website.

Finance options for buying car

We are associated with reputed finance companies & banks all over Saudi Arabia. If you like to buy a car on installments, we provide information about the best finance options of your choice and budget. Contact Us to know more about this offer.

Rates / Tariffs

Advertising type Specialties Fees Number of pictures Picture Size
Normal Ad
  • Showed in the middle of the car advertisement page.
  • Ad will be searchable.
100 SR. 6 photos include picture from the front , side, back and interior 530 X 383 px
Super Ad
  • Showed at the left side of every page
  • Animated summary and an additional wide picture.
  • Get special attention in all the pages.
  • Clicking on Ad will open a dedicated page for the Ad with more pictures
  • Specifications in English and Arabic together in one page.
  • Customized description of extra specifications(max 500 chars).
  • Searchable and available in Normal Ad.
500 S.R. 15 to 21 Pictures. Angles and pictures can be chosen by the customer. 530 X 383 px

For Sales & Advertising Enquiries please contact

Central Region
Mr. Abdalluh Farrag, Marketing & sales manager, Mobile: +966 506660562,

Eastern Region
Mr. Ibrahim Mubarak, Senior Sales & Marketing, Mobile: +966 504835065

Customer Care

Hot Offers to the Buyers and Advertisers

  • Buyers who buy any car listed in our website will get a gift voucher of 100 Liters Petrol. Click Here to know more about this offer.
  • Individual Customers who wants to advertise their car from remote locations of Saudi Arabia can Advertise with us now absolutely free for a limited period. Use this offer hurry!.